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MySQL 5.6 @ Facebook development tree Steaphan is a hero (well, everyone else on database engineering team are too) and he is driving efforts to publish MySQL 5.6 changes we’re making to the open. Now they’re on the github (yet … Continue reading

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On performance schemas

You should probably read Marc Alff’s post about configuring Performance Schema in MySQL 5.6. We wrote another guide, how to start using user/table/index statistics first introduced in Google patch, now part of various MySQL branches and forks: Start MySQL

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The saddest bug of them all (SQL is dead?)

From time to time I will observe servers wasting lots of CPU when doing batch row operations. In perf top it will look like this: 8.24% mysqld [.] Arg_comparator::compare_int_unsigned() 7.17% mysqld [.] Item_cond_and::val_int() 4.37% mysqld [.] Item_field::val_int() 4.37% mysqld [.] … Continue reading

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on wikipedia and mariadb

There’s some media coverage about Wikipedia switching to MariaDB, I just wanted to point out that performance figures cited are somewhat incorrect and don’t attribute gains to correct authors. Proper performance evaluation should include not just MariaDB 5.5 but Oracle’s … Continue reading

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on seconds_behind_master sleuthing

With large enough infrastructure it gets a bit more and more complicated to detect whether an incident or a problem is real systems problem or a monitoring glitch. This is a story of one such investigation. With a sufficiently large … Continue reading

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replication prefetching revisited

Been a while since I wrote about replication work we did. Fake changes based approach was huge success, and now our prefetching has lots of coverage, where standard SELECTs cannot reach. We’re running our systems at replication pressure, where not … Continue reading

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MySQL is bazillion times faster than MemSQL

I don’t like stupid benchmarks, as they waste my time. I don’t like stupid marketing, as it wastes my time too. Sometimes I succumb to those things, and now in return I want to waste your time a bit. So, … Continue reading

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