Another day of travel

As every travel morning it starts with getting up (04:30AM), packing, brushing, washing, yawning, bathing, all at the same time. I get to airport, and I realize, I’m going to Dublin, one of destinations for lithuanian economic migrants – that means big queue of good life seekers. Though usually check-in queues are just few-minutes long, this time it takes me half an hour to get to the desk, where the fun of the trip starts.
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random search

It is always somewhat fun to get special attention, but sometimes too much is too much. A guy at London airport looked at me and spit out “random search”. That was just stepping into another row and opening backpack.

Flying from LA to Vegas was another “random search” – a guy with gloves was carefully looking for WMDs.

Of course, why I’m writing this post – in Vegas I got the SSSS tag on my ticket, which meant changing lanes twice and getting into the fancy one – the one with dust particle blowers/analyzers, then each electronics equipment (and I did carry _some_) had to be checked for traces of _something_.

I still have two flights to make – will see how much of random searches I’ll get. Hail Vilnius airport, travel there isn’t that bad. But recently they started to ask to take shoes off too. I wonder how much time will it take for them to fire dust particles as well.

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