Memcached for small objects

Memcached quite often ends up as a store for very small objects (small key and some integer value), though it isn’t really designed to do this kind of work by default. Current memory management is based on slabs (200 of them), where objects are grouped by similar size – though actual sizes are pre-defined at startup based on few configuration parameters.

By default memcached would have slabs based on assumption, that smallest object size will have 48 bytes of data (thats without item header), and will increase the slab sizes in +25% steps:

slab class   1: chunk size    104 perslab 10082
slab class   2: chunk size    136 perslab  7710
slab class   3: chunk size    176 perslab  5957
slab class   4: chunk size    224 perslab  4681

So, in this case, it allocates at least 104 bytes per object, and next steps are way behind. Fortunately, there’re some quick steps to have better efficiency: Continue reading “Memcached for small objects”

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