printing envelopes in macosx

I had to print address labels on an envelope (people still need to use snail mail sometimes). I used to be spoiled by MS Office, so I started OpenOffice and tried to do something there. I failed:

  • It didn’t print “landscape” whatever I tried to do, didn’t save settings, barf.
  • It complained that locale “” did not exist, so I couldn’t have my street name spelled correctly.
  • Ah, sure, it crashed several times, it’s 2.0 experimental Mac Intel build, so I guess it must do that, in order to show how difficult QA is. :)

So I opened simple text editor and tried to do it from there. I failed too, because didn’t understand how to transform simple text files into rotated envelope print. It was either rescaled or simply wrong somewhere else. That counts as failure too. I tried to do that from TextMate too, but it didn’t like my tries either.

So I searched the web for hints. It wasn’t a real search, because first title of first hit did tell me exactly what to do: Address Book. The solution is simple, select recipient, print. Sometimes I still am too power-oriented :)

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