one day in london

Woo, had one day (actually one and a half ;-) in London. I had a perfect guide, who could walk fast and show whole center on foot in single afternoon. Of course, Trafalgar square was a must for me (as I’ve read about it in detail more than ten years ago).

Nelson in wood

We were still walking late at night:
Millennium bridge at night

Besides riding double-deckers, we did take a tube, where steep and long spiral staircases are common, if you want to get out. And right, you don’t have to forget you’re in London – taking a minor tube journey may surprise you with heavy shower, though before that you could not see clouds :) Here, we went to British Museum, it’s all wet:

British museum after rain

Inside you may spend hours, and variety of cultures represented may force you into deep discussions about all worlds being together (and, heh, Muslim cartoons).. Here, your stairs to the wisdom:
Stairs of wisdom

So, next early morning, full of impressions I was riding a cab home…
Riding a cab in early morning

I always try to get emergency exit seats (not because I’m afraid, though), so every time I have to hear what should I do in case of disaster. This time it was funny:

  • Steward: Please follow instructions how to open emergency door in case of disaster
  • Me: Oh sure, if windows doesn’t fall off first
  • Steward: ?????
  • I gently touch the decoration frame around the window and it falls off. Window stays intact.
  • Steward: ?!!!?!!!!?
  • Me: :-D
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