Vittel changed the bottle design!

And that is extremely painful when I’ve got a collection of Vittel bottles!
Image change

Now as collection is finalized, I’m forced to make some decision with future of this army (>200 units ;-) Hell!

12 thoughts on “Vittel changed the bottle design!”

  1. sandariai uzsuk kamstukus
    ir su izoliacija suvyniok
    ir gausi matrasą
    ir galėsi svečius guldyti
    arba fotelį suvyniok :))

  2. Ir koki gi suda tu brolau geri?
    Ismesk sitas siuksles ir nusipirk alaus!

  3. You could melt them with a blowtorch and make some kind of art. Very creative, would probably get you some kind of award.

  4. Antique bottle collecting might prove more valuable, than collecting plastic bottles, butthen again I am kind of biased. ;-)

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