On dreams that once were there…

So, I’m already packing for my Boston trip, going to wikimania. This time it will be quite different from last meetups, where everyone met was new face (especially the Berlin meeting, where Jimmy, Brion and Tim did meet each other for the first time, oh, me too ;-). I expect to see lots of ‘usual suspects’ there. Now the location of meeting is important.

Main conference will happen in Harvard (uh oh!), and the developer meetings at MIT (uh oh uh oh!). Few years ago, when I was finishing school, I had a dream to study at MIT. I did do SAT stuff, wrote essays, got recommendations, and then… didn’t use all that, because I pitied 50$ (or few hundred $, if I’d apply to more universities there). That probably was part of screwed up independence feeling I have developed in those years, I didn’t ask anyone, I didn’t tell anyone. So, one of my biggest dreams was destroyed not because I failed to reach it. It was blown up simply because I failed to try.

Now I’ll meet MIT people, I’ll walk in MIT campus and I’ll remember how one can fail if he doesn’t try. At least lately it is somewhat different. I try, and sometimes achieve. If anyone reads this, please do try to achieve your dreams. Otherwise you’ll end up writing such blog posts. Dreaming sometimes just isn’t enough.

5 thoughts on “On dreams that once were there…”

  1. Never too late, either. Go to school. You will appreciate it later, and it can certainly come in handy.

  2. Svajonės nuostabios kol trokštama jų išsipildymo, kai jų paiseiki, visa romantika ir aistra išgaruoja.

    Visiškai suprantu tavo jausmus. Kaip minėjo Amigne, it’s never too late :) Now you have the oportunity. Go get it tiger :D !

  3. That’s right you should try just to know whether it works or not. But you can’t be sure it would have worked. Anyway – it’s never too late to go for a MS/PhD. And if you never go – let’s not forget that the net is a great equalizer – it’s mainly the brain and the hard work which is needed to leave a mark. (yes, working environment can boost everything, but is not all)

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