It is somewhat too late to post about Wikimania, so I won’t keep it long. Finally my lightning talk bits are on internet. Please note, that the idea of presentation came just few minutes before giving it. Pity there’s no video recording.

Anyway, the trip was pretty cool. Besides meeting all usual suspects at Wikimania, the whole world of amazing academia (this time, in a good sense) was revealed by my hosts. MIT rocks (especially my place of stay, TEP). Boston was pretty nice too – I quite enjoyed long walks there.

The conference itself had technical stuff extracted into ‘Hacking days’, so I ended up at quite tense technical track rather than hacking sessions. It wasn’t that bad, so I could create ‘socializing track’ at the main conference, and just hang around without any real agenda.

We had there quite less of startup spirit, that was so vivid last year. The current theme is “What we’re doing ” instead of “What we’re going to do”. For some it is maturity, for me it is boring :) I hope that was wrong impression.

I’ll sure try going there next year too. Just to see the usual suspects.

P.S. Wikipedia tremendous growth is back again.

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