Not reservation, order code!

Italians sometimes may be damn frustrating. This time I ordered an international train ticket online, then went to train station (Milano Centrale) to get it (may sound stupid, but they seem to require all those reservations and e-tickets still not available).

Of course, the guy at “international tickets” counter didn’t actually speak English (I sure know Italian is most important language, at least in operas). Then… it appears I didn’t read the email properly.

The email their automated system sent me did have two sections. One of them was Order details, which contained ‘Booking code (DOSSIER)’. Another was ‘Ticket details’, which contained a reservation number. Of course, I had wrong code. I know it was frustrating for him too, as the intranet application responded to any clicks in about a minute, so he had a really important reason not to try to help me. I already mentioned he did not speak English.

So, after one hour and two metro trips I presented booking/order/dossier code instead of reservation number, and got my tickets. Oh, and by the way, international ticket office starts working at 7:30, train leaves at 7:10. I am all happy I had this story this afternoon, not the morning of departure.

Update: Well, now I feel stupid and outdated. I could have opened that email in my mobile phone. :-)

5 thoughts on “Not reservation, order code!”

  1. Somehow my first thought was – you can check it on mobile while reading the post :) But well good ideas always come last…

  2. The Italians must have sold their system to the German railroad company. Your trains leaves before ticketing is open and the mail you 3 different codes with as many emails. And the guys behind the counters are soooo friendly and helpful!

  3. Can you imagine if you want to buy a ticket in Livorno ? It’s worst! :)

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