MySQL Conference 2007: Piggyback riding Wikipedia again. \o/

This year I’m coming to MySQL Conference again. Last year it was marvelous experience, with customers, community and colleagues (CCC!) gathering together, so I didn’t want to miss it this year at any cost :-)

This year instead of describing Wikipedia internals I’ll be disclosing them – all important bits, configuration files, code, ideas, problems, bugs and work being done through whole stack – starting with distributed caches in front, distributed middle-ware somewhere in the middle and distributed data storage in the back end. It will take three hours or so – bring your pillows. :)

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  1. For a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, a team of seven volunteers is creating a free Online Learning Environment. We are experimenting with a combination of MediaWiki and Blog, to provide an environment where people can add their own information and find new information from other users. Just like Pablasso I am interested in your documents from this event. Thanks.

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