First Delta experience

Lost my luggage (for the first time). On a domestic flight. Saw it last time in JFK. Yay Delta. I got an ’emergency’ t-shirt from them. Pity it doesn’t say “I lost my luggage and all I got is this lousy t-shirt” (too small, BTW). Need some sleep now.

Update: Actually, today all flights from NY (and other north-east American locations) are canceled due to snow storms. We still have people grounded at Newark and Boston.

Update 2: D.E.L.T.A. – Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive (wisdom of a barmaid, beer is good here :). I’m wondering if my flight back will happen…

Update 3: D.E.L.T.A. – Doesn’t Even Leave The Airport – wisdom of a hotel clerk, though hotel already participated in this story. Apparently they did reject a luggage, as didn’t find me in their database (I share a room…) – now I have hotel manager assisting in me not getting my luggage further. I’m leaving tomorrow.

Update 4: Nothing fancy, did claim my baggage at the airport, then immediately handed it back to Delta for trip home. It arrived now properly.

4 thoughts on “First Delta experience”

  1. Don’t give a way to despair! Last time loosing my luggage in Copenhagen on a way to Paris was such a relief – otherwise I would’ve had to spend all of my day tossing it around the city. A call to a flight company brought it back home after about 12 hours of traveling. I’m sure this is a repeatable case. Every cloud has a silver lining.. ;)

  2. only tshirt?
    no emergency pants?
    or socks?

    i already imagine after some major luggage fuckup half of the airport going around half naked only in tshirts ;]

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