On a morning laugh..

My trip started with a very good laugh. When cab in Vilnius arrived, it had an old and once very popular lithuanian song about California (wine, girls, etc ;-) on the radio. I started laughing and couldn’t stop for a while. Then I explained to confused taxi driver that my destination for the day is San Francisco, 10 time zones and 9200kms away, and the song is absolutely not expected, but really welcoming.

Add the bearded (and hence, experienced) database expert who has been deploying MySQL all around Afghanistan to the same row on my AMS-SFO hop, border control guy who asked if my beer is cold, so he could drink it, and luggage, which managed to arrive.

And the good part, the hotel in the city center for one third of a price has working free wireless. Can’t complain about the day. Twenty hours after waking up it is still midday here. Will see what the evening will bring.

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