Someone please run REPAIR TABLE, I am hungry!

Today I did hit some irony. I went to my favorite ‘order home delivery food online’ place, and the shopping cart failed to grow after my ordering clicks. Then I noticed a small line at the bottom of the page:

 (F) [3] mysql. Neteisinga užklausa SELECT * FROM krepselis WHERE uzsakymas_id=220479 ORDER BY laikas. Klaida: Can’t open file: ‘krepselis.MYI’ (errno: 145). File:core.php Line:1824 

‘krepselis’ being ‘shopping cart’ and ‘uzsakymas’ being ‘order’, I realized, that error 145 will keep me hungry. Ah, and error 145 is ‘Table was marked as crashed and should be repaired’. So please, run REPAIR TABLE, I am hungry!!!

5 thoughts on “Someone please run REPAIR TABLE, I am hungry!”

  1. Moreover the query could have been optimized :
    SELECT * FROM krepselis WHERE ORDER BY domas;

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