Weird wit by Google translation technology

I was translating some document from German to English, that had my surname in it.
It got translated to ‘Beesley’, and I immediately thought of Angela Beesley, chair of Wikimedia Advisory Board. I started playing more, and did find, that:

  • French ‘Domas Mituzas’ to English translates as ‘Anthere fall’
  • ‘Mituzas’ in German is ‘Schindler’ (Matthias?:)
  • Spanish ‘Domas Mituzas’ to English translates as ‘Anthere Anthere’ (every wikipedian has a bit of Florence inside :)
  • English to Portuguese renders me as “Domas Lessig” (I have creative commons t-shirt :)
  • English to Chinese is “florence 100,000″…

Thats what Web 3.0 is all about. Tampering with my personality. Who am I? :)

10 thoughts on “Weird wit by Google translation technology”

  1. Fabulous. Love the comment ” a bit of Florence inside”. We could make stickers and plaster them all over Wikipedia :-)

  2. I guess you don’t actually exist, Domas. You’re just a sockpuppet manipulated by the Wikimedia-Creative Commons-American Library Association conspiracy. ;-)


  3. Wikipedia translates in any language with western alphabet to Wikipedia, except for English-Spanish where it translates to ‘Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español’ :0

    Fortunately our Spanish speaking fellow encyclopedians can learn of the existence of Wikipedia by translating ‘Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español’ into English.

  4. Yesterday, they mentionned in the french press that “Nicolas Sarkozy” from french to english, translated to “Nicolas Bush”. The journalist mentionned that only one word (Nicolas Sarkozy) had the glitch.

    But I see that they have “fixed” the glitch. Still, that was fun :-))))

  5. Funny how programs like that can work :)

    But Google translate is still very promising though. I like the fact that you can ‘train’ it. Makes it more trustworthy than even some of the software that you’d have to pay for.

  6. I use google translate for translating websites. But i didn’t realized this.. But it a nice online tool for translating Website.

  7. I can’t get over the crime Microsoft committed by translating “cell” as “celda” for all uses in Spanish. There is a good Spanish word “célula” for brain cells, cells in a table etc. (here’s where the MS error kills me!). There is another word “celda” for the monk’s or the prisoner’s cell. But that’s the only one microsoft uses its wisdom.

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