I love my country. Yesterday a law came in, in two weeks I’ll start paying triple income taxes (for all expenses too). I’m just knocked out today.

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  1. That’s the price for the global crisis. Get used to it – there’s gonna be much more fun next year.

  2. Don’t want to start a flame war here, but, Pauliau, these new laws have nothing (like, absolutely nothing) to do with global crisis. It rather has to do with our not-so-bright government introducing not-so-perfect laws which are supposed to be better than the old-and-wrong laws, and it’s doing it at the not-so-right-time, and nobody is sure that these laws are actually less wrong than the previous ones.

    On the topic – how come they even tripled? Link or didn’t happen :)

  3. In short, used to be: 15% on all income + certain base for social security, now it will be: 15% income tax, 9% ‘health tax’, 28% ‘social security tax’.

  4. We, Latvians, get increased VAT from 18 to 21%. And there will be some reduction in income tax. So we will be shopping more in Lithuania, have your internet shops ready and available in English :)

  5. It is interesting, more I read those documents, more I see how it can vary from huge huge increases to none. That stuff just needs explanations, and now nobody has any.

  6. Time to contribute to the welfare of the society!

    I know it’s always pleasant to receive more money but don’t you think just like everybody else, you should also pay tax for retirement pensions?

    There might be an argument that you don’t want to pay for current pensioners as you will not need pensions. However, there are many people paying social tax that will neither need nor require pensions from the state!

    Though I agree that there should be more time given, the time has come to share the burden all together evenly!

  7. Welcome to the real world :) By paying to my staff normal wages with all the taxes and social security stuff it was difficult to compete with all those 15% doers ;) So it is the bright side of the story, that now we are all equal ;) The dark side of the story is that we are all bankrupt (or near) ;)

  8. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see this new “tax law” in near future. I see it as a very very big step towards right tax system. Of cause, nobody likes to loose money, but in this case one should think “I didn’t pay proper taxes for a long time and now I’m going to start paying them” instead of “That’s a rip-off, you bastards!”. :)

  9. Well, the difference is that I had to pay income tax on lots of business expenses, so having to completely revamp my accounting in one week hurts too.

    I realize lots of people get quite high tax, but nevertheless, they don’t have to care about anything when they get sick, they can just stop working, and still be paid. They don’t have to justify every expense of theirs, etc

    Social security may work for the mass, doesn’t work for anyone doing individual work.
    If people want to fix system, I’d be happy to see them fixing how system works before they fix how I support the system.

  10. ..and to add – we, individual workers, don’t have such turnaround as the companies do to judge 50% tax. Stop this “I didn’t pay proper taxes” BS, please.

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