stupid innodb tricks

When it comes to extreme tuning, this is how I got +5% performance in one of my tests on 8-cpu machine (contended at mtr_commit()):

gdb -p $(pidof mysqld) -ex "set srv_spin_wait_delay=50" -batch

P.S. was probably worth posting this just to point out that there’re ways to fill the gap between recompile and my.cnf settings :)

4 thoughts on “stupid innodb tricks”

  1. Hmm. It’s not a stupid trick, it’s a clever trick. And it occurs to me that there’s a possibility of using this to do things like set long_query_time for all threads when there’s a connection pool and setting the global value is useless. But I’m not a gdb wizard like you, so I’ll need to investigate that :)

  2. Thats interesting trick…I tried on Mac, it seems to work…Thanks for sharing..even though not sure one can dare to do it on live prod servers :(

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