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  1. Hi

    From at technical point of view, it would make some sense. MySQL would make a nice complement to DB2 (like people are using Oracle backends and MySQL webfrontends now). Also, as a component of Kickfire/Infobright, MySQL + Cognos could provide the infrastructure for a BI/DWH solution.

  2. Gary – I like the sound of that. Book me in! ;) — If only that happened when I went to Vegas .. hehe.

  3. MySQL on mainframes.
    MySQL scales better on IBM boxes as mainframes and Power servers have lower CPU core counts.
    Blue suits for everyone.
    Pick your winters — HQ moves to Rochester, MN or upstate NY.
    Domas learns JCL.
    Mark Matthews writes Connector/COBOL.
    MySQL is re-written in PL/1

  4. Mark, correct spelling is PL/I. And AFAIK that language is not so distant from C to prevent machine re-write of MySQL code. At least with resources of IBM.

    On the other hand, my affair with that language lasted only 4 weeks 20 year ago… So, I most likely forgot a lot…

  5. Well, AIX was my first UNIX, I actually used to speak COBOL (COBOL-74, baby!), I appreciated some features of the WPS, and I’ve done enough consulting not to mind the ‘suit. It’s just that blue isn’t my best colour.

  6. @Eric Okay, I’ve changed my mind. While it’d be funny to see Domas in that ad, I’m not sure that I want to be associated with the original ad in any form. :p

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