Linux 2.6.29

2.6.29 was released. I don’t usually write about linux kernel releases, thats what Slashdot is for :), but this one introduces write barriers in LVM, as well as ext4 with write barriers enabled by default. If you run this kernel and forget to turn off barrier support at filesystems (like XFS, nobarrier), you will see nasty performance slowdowns (recent post about it). Beware.

2 thoughts on “Linux 2.6.29”

  1. stay tuned on #xfs :)

    19:02:31 weee, it seems like 2.6.29 just might enable barriers-support for dm-devices!
    19:02:56 and many other fancy new features
    19:03:50 Mad3, it doesn’t, unfortunately.
    19:03:54 other things reject it, still

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