browser wars in mysql community

Um, I pasted a link in #mysql channel on freenode, and in a minute or two I had amazing analysis of browsers used by tech community:

  • around 50% guests were using Safari on MacOS X 10.4
  • one third were using Windows with 50/50 split of Firefox (1.5) and Opera (7.x)
  • Konqueror on Linux had 17% share

6 visits were analyzed, so it reflects the distribution quite accurately. Obviously IE is not used by database professionals.

10 thoughts on “browser wars in mysql community”

  1. :) this experiment of yours sucks…

    Labai jau nerimta imti pasiėmei…

  2. Labai grazus testas.
    Dar turetumete atsizvelgti i kitu IRC tinklu vartotojus.
    Taip pat, zmones sedintys MySQL kanale nebutinai yra MySQL profesionalai.

    Siulau perdaryti testa :)

  3. ir tie kurie naudoja mysql nebutinai yra duomenu baziu profesionalai :)

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