so how does mysql generate revenue?

In order to talk in UC2006 I have to somehow enter United States. Being from East means you are treated as immigrant, unless you prove you are not. In order to prove that at consulate you have to bring income tax declarations, bank statements, lists of financial transactions and job approvals.

Oddly, for me questions at the consulate were:

  • How does MySQL AB generate revenue?
  • What is special about MySQL’s products?

Answering those questions seemed to satisfy Uncle Sam. Later I wondered, did they really know or verify, what MySQL is? Asking such questions did seem quite… educated!

So now with my fingerprints stored in databases I’ve got green light to visit US and talk about our experiences there :)

6 thoughts on “so how does mysql generate revenue?”

  1. don’t you just love being a lithuanian;) don’t you just love america;)

  2. haha good one :) But they have to ask something to see if you really speak English and what is your real purpose to visit USA… Have a nice trip

  3. begs for the answer “by exploiting cheap eastern-european guys” :)

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