Google does encyclopedia: Knol

It is all closed yet, announcement by VP Engineering tells us Google is launching their idea of encyclopedia – looking for people who can write authoritative articles. No words on licensing apart from “we want to disseminate it as widely as possible”, though author-centric view is more what Citizendium, than Wikipedia wants to do.

Ad revenue sharing poses many interesting questions, especially in collaborative effort. As Wikipedia now provides page view statistics, Google (or knollers) may just work on top of the cream pages (by knowing search trends), and have very distorted overall content. Now it is closed, invite only, so we can’t tell anything more. Time will show. Good to know more organizations are believing about aggregating and disseminating knowledge – it is Wikipedia’s mission, and it is nice to have partners. :-) Though of course, there might be some tensions with Search Quality team…

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  1. Google doesn’t need pageview counts to know the traffic from it
    s search engine to Wikipedia (-;

  2. Ya, but it kinda belongs to Google and they can share all information needed to optimize Knols traffic/popularity/…profit..? (-;

  3. hi, thanks for reading.
    i am a researcher who are looking forward wikipedia as a part of my topic. and i found your page through wikipedia linking.
    May i ask you that how to use the count of wikipedia page? i have a little confusing about how to use that, i need to find out the top popular page on wikipedia.
    meanwhile, i would like to contact with some regular contributor in wikipedia, and figure out the process of this huge and amazing project, would you mind to tell me which mail-lists or msn-group i can involve?
    I really appreciate it if you can give me some help.
    Thanks again!


  4. Zeyi, files are hourly snapshots, where a number of visits for that hour are shown for each page. It is raw data, and needs transformation to make it more interesting.

    There’re quite a few mailing lists at – you will sure find suitable for any needs of your research.

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