A perfect christmas story

This made me laugh. Providers were fighting who will give better ‘free sms’ plans. Then my GSM provider decided that they have enough resources for even better campaign – they offered adding 0.02 LTL to account balance for every SMS received. So, smart kids saw business opportunity – they started spamming SMS messages from one phone (free SMS!) to another (get paid for SMS received). Smarter kids started automating the process using their computers (though didn’t see to many “how to use kannel” guides – most public solutions were using gui tools and automated mouse movers :).

The best part is that smartest kids immediately found ways to cash out the ‘GSM LTLs’ – by using ‘call to pay’ service providers, and getting 50% cash efficiency.

One GSM provider (Omnitel, TeliaSonera company) reacted by establishing daily SMS limit that works (only 6LTL worth of SMSes per day), whereas other provider (Tele2) established limit that doesn’t (phones would get disconnected next day only).

And of course, this has brought down GSM providers, or at least their SMS networks – at Christmas. Way to go, marketing people. Way to go.

For all the international people: 1 EUR= 3.4528LTL

Edit: 0.02LTL for SMS

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