If implementing ‘SHOW INNODB LOCKS’ took half an hour (literally, includes compiling and testing) for a non-developer type of guy (cause most of code was written anyway), why the heck it takes ten years (or more?) to get such feature to standard release?

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  1. Rather than that, it’s a question of resources and priorities … and the release schedule for MySQL itself in recent years. Until the advent of the InnoDB Plugin, it has not been possible for Innobase to introduce new features unless there was a new release of MySQL to distribute it with.

    The InnoDB team has, over the past few years, been developing several very notable features (the plugin technology itself, and data compression and fast index creation). These new capabilities are now delivered in the new InnoDB Plugin 1.0, along with other new features, INCLUDING new Information Schema tables for locking.

    See the InnoDB website ( for details about the new InnoDB Plugin.

  2. The InnoDB 5.1 plugin is amazing. Given the plugin API, why does MySQL need a separate release (6.0) for Falcon? Can’t Falcon be published as a plugin when it is ready?

  3. well, the lock monitor code was sitting there for ages :) this is not too much about development priorities, but spending really required five minutes looking at something easy, but in the end – especially productive.

  4. Domas: key take-away from this blog entry: Ken reads your blog ;-)

    Mark: re Falcon… forget publishing “when it’s ready”, it should be out there as a 5.1 plugin *now*. We all know… unlike wine, code does not mature by just sitting on a shelf. I have no incentive to muck around *separately* with 6.0.

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