Poor man's query profiling

There is one very easy way to find database queries that might be performance bottlenecks on properly running servers, without using any sophisticated tools or using precision slowlogs,

Just overload your server, and spam ‘SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST’. :)

3 thoughts on “Poor man's query profiling”

  1. LOL :-D

    looks like method of Dr.House ;)
    smth. like: He is ill, but we are not sure what’s wrong. Let’s stress him until he almost dies and recheck the symptoms

  2. This works great, and prior to having SHOW USER_STATISTICS, it was our best tool for profiling server load. It works better when you have code that archives the sampled statements and a tool to query the archive. In addition to profiling, the archive helps when debugging crashes, long lock waits and query pileups.

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