Today I enjoyed YouTube (upside down movies of upside-down actions, brilliant!) and Wikipedia (always real stories) front page appearances. I also enjoyed this chat in #postgresql:

[12:25]  <TommyG> hehe, nice april 1st at http://www.postgresql.fr/
[12:25]  <johto> :D
[12:27]  <davidfetter> heh
[12:29]  <AlexB> Cute.
[12:29]  <domas> omg, so funny!
[12:29]  <CaT[t2]> best april fools so far tbh :)
[12:31]  <mst> we just had somebody on irc.perl.org miss it entirely
[12:31]  <mst> I'm currently trying to sell him a bridge.
[12:31]  <CaT[t2]> go for it. you could gett rich :)

OK, my “so funny” there was well hidden sarcasm. That site had a big warning, kind of “could not connect to mysql socket, could not find mysql socket, mysql fail”. See, for PG people it is fun to say “mysql can fail!”. Now, what made it much funnier to people outside of PG community – for past few hours the http://www.postgresql.fr server did not respond, and later was telling just “Maintenance – Des travaux sont en cours sur la plateforme postgresql.fr”. Ironic :-)

I did similar joke, not too funny, last year, probably in a bit more polite fashion, in this email.

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