While everyone is sleeping and preparing for four busy days of MySQL Conference, here, in Santa Clara – I started getting SMSes asking if I already learnt PL/SQL, and here, I’m jetlagged, and finding out that I work for another company.

If they don’t kill MySQL, InnoDB and MySQL will finally be together.

If they kill MySQL, I’ll have to look for a job. Will anyone use MySQL then, or will I have to fall back to more generic non-MySQL work I’ve been doing for my hobby projects, teeeheeee.

And for now, I see 6AM faces showing up, and greeting Oracle buddies – some jetlagged, some just early birds.

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5 Responses to oracle?

  1. mmm says:

    They haven’t killed Berkeley DB, so there are some chances for MySQL, I believe :)

  2. hashar says:

    If it ever come down, you can either :

    1/ switch to Oracle and debug PL/SQL failures
    2/ ask Brian Aker to handle Drizzle support
    3/ head to WMF :)

  3. april-april says:

    just read you last years april 1st joke:

    maybe join – its your old boss, isnt it?

  4. Albertas Agejevas says:

    Krizė, kitaip nepasakysi.

  5. Hey, in the event they kill MySQL and you’ll have to find another job… We (Unity) are hiring! :)

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