so, I’m cruising now at 38000 feet, 530mph, flying directly over I-5 in California. In-flight wireless internet works, in-flight entertainment has some albums of my favorite artists I didn’t hear before (Jazzanova!) and movies I didn’t see. Guy in front of me is playing Doom (and he knows the secrets). Service is awesome, from the check in to flight attendants. Airplane interior has violet glow, and when I boarded, Kruder & Dorfmeister was creating the lounge atmosphere. Ticket cost – 60$. Guess, which airline it is…

9 thoughts on “flying…”

  1. I tried to play doom on my last virgin flight and the whole entertainment console locked up. The movies were good on the flight back though. I didn’t try to play doom again.

  2. The console kept locking up on me too, and I was only playing one of the dumb word games.

  3. Virgin America of course !
    The console locked for me too… I was trying seat-to-seat chat, got a “reboot” and didn’t tried that feature again ;)

  4. Considering the elapsed time and plane speed, you’re currently ending your 24th lap of the earth… what is the company ? :-)

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