Knight's Cross!

Celebrating the Knight's Cross
We had very special State Award Ceremony today. Special, as it happens at the year we celebrate “thousand years of Lithuania”, special as it is the last one given by our very special President Valdas Adamkus.

Though for me, it was really special – Alvydas Mituzas, my Dad, got a Knight’s Cross, for his lifetime merits and service for our country, spanning forty years of creativity and dedication. Anyone knowing my Dad really know what the award is for, but for me it is also a symbol of support for virtues that I’ve seen in my whole life – hard work and imagination combined for public service and public good, no matter how difficult it is to start, or finish. Stories of his past are fascinating, and even I can learn more and more of them over the years. We’re proud of him, and we’re lucky to be his family.

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