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  1. Hum, okay. But I’ll ask one question that everyone finding this post via Google will ask anyways:


  2. Why? Obviously because you want to tune your query cache.

    .. ahem.. sorry…

    The MySQL query cache can be a very useful tool, but if you have a high volume of queries and you don’t tune it properly it can become a bottleneck. By tuning the QC you eliminate that bottleneck and (hopefully) improve performance.

    1. How does one tune away the mutex contention? It does not scale on multi-core servers.

  3. I cant get to the URL or the guide you have told can you repost the correct URL. It can be of great help !!


  4. This is a bug report for your online query cache tuner.

    It doesn’t also say to set query_cache_type = 0 if your MySQL version is 5.5 or higher, to eliminate taking the qc mutex.

    Bet you never thought you’d get a bug report on that. :)

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